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This version: 2022-08-27

What am I up to right /now?

What was I up to back then?

This was my /now page. It was written with two main goals mind:

  1. To answer the prompt:
    1. Think of what you’d tell a friend you hadn’t seen in a year.
  1. To provide focus, clarity and public accountability on my goals.

Oh, blimey. It’s been almost exactly 1 year since I wrote one of these. (1 year and 1 day!)
There have been some big changes…
What's new in my life?

☮️ Gave co-living a try - kinda

I spent 3 months living in a co-living space in Wembley.
Turns out I’m a big fan of Wembley. It’s lively! Good buskers, hustle/bustle and - importantly - I was two minutes from a Lidl.
However, Wembley did feel quite pricey considering how far out it is.
Additionally, the co-living did not have much of the ‘co’ part. The building I was in had lots of self-contained units, with good communal space, but not much of a communal atmosphere or spirit.
However, it did have a private cinema, which I made good use of:
  • Binged Stranger Things in it
  • Watched England win the Euros Women Finals in it
I’d be interested in trying co-living properly at some point.

🏠 I’m back in the West Midlands

After my lease expired, I moved out of London to base myself back in the West Midlands (#boomerang).
My original intention was to use that as a launchpad to travel and write a book, so it didn’t make sense to have a London rent as an outgoing for that.
However, my plans changed, because…

🔨 I’m building a startup

This, of course, is maybe the big news.
I’ll be posting more about this in due course…!
What am I focusing on?
err, building a startup, as you might expect.
However, other things: I’m delighted to have been invited to speak at LeadDev Berlin!
I attended LeadDev London just a few months ago and to be in the speaker role now is very exciting.