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Why I use Obsidian for personal note-taking

There are lots of

and systems out there.

I've chosen

for - most of the notes you see here are written in the Obsidian desktop app.

However, I have also considered each of the following:

and thought I would articulate why I've ended up choosing Obsidian.

1. Obsidian is local-first

This, for me, is the ultimate killer feature that leads me to Obsidian (although there are other supporting reasons below).

With Obsidian, my notes are just local

files on my computer, which I can do anything with.

I can opt-in to syncing...

... and maintain the peace-of-mind of full file control

Since my files are fully local, I don't have to worry about them:

  • being stuck behind a paywall if pricing plans change
  • being inaccessible if some other company's servers go down

2. Obsidian is git-friendly

As a consequence of being local-first, Obsidian is

-friendly - which means that I can my notes and use the API.

3. Obsidian is just markdown

Because Obsidian is just

, my notes are:

  • easy to write and author
  • pluggable into an existing markdown ecosystem